Thursday, October 8, 2015

Change is Good

i'm a summer person through and through, but i'm trying to embrace all of the seasons as much as possible this year.  i'm want to celebrate the colder weather and maximize it's beauty by finding more ways to be outside, starting with updating our deck for fall...

// the before //
it was bright and cozy, and i loved it!  i knew it would't last long and that our deck gets hammered
with weather, and it thought i could make it work.  i spent more time upkeeping it than enjoying it.
[see the full before here]

// the after //
 i started by switching out the dark heavy chairs with these super lightweight ones that are equally
as comfortable without cushions. they're more durable, leaves don't get stuck in them, and
my kids can easily move them in and out. the bonus is they also stack for easier storage.

next up was to simplify the lounge area while still keeping the cozy feel.  the chaise lounges were
still working great as one long bench, the all weather wicker is amazing and pretty much holds up to anything!  however, the cushions were way past their prime so i removed them altogether and threw down a couple pendelton towels instead. they have a great fall vibe and if they get soaked or dirty
i just throw them in the wash.  i didn't want to ditch all the pillows along the back, but i decided
bigger and fewer was the way to go.  so i bought sunbrella by the yard and made these.
these are a lot easier to grab and put away then a million little ones.

 the beautiful bright rug faded incredibly quickly and my husband got sick of tripping over it, haha - so it was time to go. the deck had turned a little green underneath, so i power washed the entire thing and what emerged was a beautiful washed out finish.  these outdoor ottomans however have held up amazingly since last year and they are still a favorite place for the boys.

speaking of favorite places... this is JUNE our little pound puppy who joined us a few months ago.
she was suppose to be a buddy for IKE, but he left us before they could even meet.
we still miss our old dogs dearly, but she has also found a place in our hearts.

Monday, August 24, 2015

So Clearly...

it's been a long time since i've shared anything here.  many of you have asked where i've been and i appreciate it.  the past year has been one of the hardest periods for me, so much so that the creative side of myself vanished for a while. a time where everything that i thought was stable about our life suddenly was not. my husband was laid off, we lost our remaining dog suddenly, and experienced a leukemia scare with my oldest son, just to name a few.  i experienced so much stress and anxiety that my hair was actually falling out. 

but we made it through it all and i'm starting to feel like myself again. i'm getting my creative mojo back ten fold and i have a whole new clarity on life.  my husband and i are even closer and our marriage stronger because of everything we've been through. this online world is hard for me to navigate sometimes, trying to keep a balance between posting pretty pictures, but also being real without sounding like i'm complaining.  i have nothing to complain about.  my life is not perfect, but i'm happy and i hope to be here a lot more often now...

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Beauty of Boys

i'm outnumbered, but i'm totally okay with it.  life lately in the boys club...

sledding, home improvement + time changes 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Scent Therapy

this time of year i find myself burning candles like crazy to fight off that end of winter stale feeling.  here's a few favorites around the abode that smell just as wonderful as they look and they're all available at target right now!  go grab em before they're gone, you won't be disappointed...

great room // black orchid & amber soy candle by illume

kitchen // brazilian palm by chesapeake bay

office // sweet blush & agave soy candle by illume

Monday, February 23, 2015


the extreme temperatures have kept us inside a lot, but they've also given us a lot of quality time here with our boys.  this room evolved after we decided to put cole and dean in a room together to make our night time routine easier in hopes that they would comfort each other, and they do more than we could have imagined.  what we didn't realize was how valuable this playroom would become especially once lego madness entered our home.  i also have a perfect view from my office so they can "work" while i work, with an occasional pop in to show me their creation or ask me to separate pieces.  the added beauty is that when we don't feel like cleaning up the mess we just shut the door, and our always bare feet have been spared too...

sources: teepee by house in habit / rainbow tassel garland by everly lane design 
neon yellow lamp base target / henley rug pottery barn / lego storage containers target 
bear, leather stool, lava lamp + viking helmet vintage

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pillow Power

i've been working hard to stock the new shop and my home is now full of them, but i'm not complaining...

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Dog Sled

even though it's arctic out we've been trying to enjoy the winter weather as much as possible.  twenty minutes was about all we could handle and this moment was not only bitterly cold, but very bittersweet. it brought up memories of our dog arthur who was loving all the snow just last year.  he even pulled their sled a few times which solidified his coolness in their eyes.  last spring we had to put him down and it really affected cole.  he has dwelled on his death more than we would like and still gets choked up every few weeks talking about him.  dean has handled it better, but still starts many conversations with new people by saying "our dog died!" the awkwardness is funny, but it's sad at the same time.  recently it's obvious that ike has been feeling the loss more and more and the boys have been begging for a friend for him.  my husband and i have always found that pairs work well for us and spring may be the season...

image via instagram // and you can read more in our love and loss post 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Designs

i've been working hard to bring tons of new pillows to the shop!  a few of my favorite current combos...

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