Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Scavenger Hunt

we had a birthday party for the boys over the weekend that included this scavenger hunt to go with our camping theme and to keep all the kids busy for a while...

 this guy took it very seriously and he made sure he
checked each thing off before he moved onto the next.

here's what we hid: reindeer moss, river rock, plastic butterfly, wood slice,
cut felt, white feather, fern clipping, and a stick the boys added tape to -
all from our yard or the craft store.  since the majority of the kids
couldn't read we just took a picture and printed them off.

then attached them to mini clipboards tied on a little twig pencil 

we also made little bags to collect their treasures in which became their
goodie bag and also held their candy from the pi├▒ata they did later.

the great part is it can be reinvented again and again, party or not!

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