Friday, June 27, 2014

The Painter

it seems that dean has inherited my passion for painting, but not walls, his is the real deal.  he has been painting with no prompting from us for months now.  we used to cover the table in paper, wash off all the supplies, and put everything away, but it got to be so frequent that we just started leaving it all out.  his little tray and brush are practically the centerpiece on our kitchen table now and we find ourselves eating many meals around it.  then last week his mind was blown when he discovered face painting at the zoo.  every day since then he has requested that i paint his face.  the good thing is he is also the boy that is naturally neat and likes to wear little clothing...

and zinka colored nosecoat - i love this stuff and will be ordering
more colors promptly!  it's sweat proof, but still washes off of
him and most other things easily.

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