Monday, June 9, 2014

Pink Pocket

i've been going bold with pops of color around our home, and what better place to add some than a pocket door.  it literally pops out as you open it and no one has a hard time finding our bathroom anymore...

i originally tried a couple different shades of lemon yellow, but it just didn't work.
the pink turned out perfect and to keep it from looking too girly i made sure the art behind
it had a masculine feel: grassland by alicia bock, wooden arrow a gift, and the mounted butterflies
i found at an antique store years ago.  the owner collected, identified, and framed them all himself.
dean loves to count them every time before we walk out.  the arrow serves as a reminder, i seem
to be surrounded by boys who are very good about washing their hands, but not drying them.

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