Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nate Meets Gray

one of my favorite interior designers meets one of my favorite photographers // nate berkus + gray malin.  i'm a sucker for gray's overhead beach scenes and i love his balloon adorned llamas.  i was attempting to organize my desk, while entertaining dean by making his favorite "baby balloons", and this nate berkus llama was sitting there asking for some of his own.  he is the latest addition to what is turning out to be my own personal past & present target nate berkus desk accessory collection... 

this room, like many others in our home, is slowly coming together.  our office has his/her
workspaces and mine is made up of our old dining table with a chalkboard wall above that
will soon have all sorts of pictures, lists, and inspiration taped to it.  my goal is to
make it more functional and beautiful, so i've been upgrading some of my desk
accessories.  if they're always out - they might as well be pretty too! 

major target style - over half of these things actually!

1. alabaster vases + metal camping mugs for storage / 2. nate berkus gold swing line stapler
3. rainbow washi tape / 4. vintage neon letter / 5. beach day candle / 6. nate berkus white tray
7. nate berkus gold arrowhead / 8. iron utility scissors / 9. acrylic tape dispenser
10. colored sharpies - i use them for everything! / 11. nate berkus silver llama


  1. Do you ever tweet to @NateBerkus and show him your work? You should!! I think he'd love your blog!

  2. Hey Traci! I'm not on twitter, but yes I have tagged him on Instagram and he did "like" this :)