Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lemon Tree

life has been handing us not only lemons lately, but a whole tree.  lets just say there are many things i no longer take for granted - like the ability to do laundry, the love of my pets, my health and especially that of my family.  things culminated last week when my husband was laid off.  then a few days later our neighbor came over to tell us a seventy five foot tree was uprooting and in danger of falling into our yard.  we almost started laughing at how ridiculous things had become.  then it suddenly occurs to you that this tree is close enough to also fall on your house, you, or your children and you realize you have been spared.  so cole and i watched as they cut it down the following day, and at that moment i realized life was literally handing us a lemon tree and it was time to open a lemonade stand...

the best thing we did was to get outta town and head to the lake for the weekend.
a break from normal life and some new scenery was exactly what we needed!
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