Friday, May 9, 2014

Hands On

sometimes all the technology and inspiration that surrounds us can make me forget about the simple things like a good old fashioned copier.  i typically just take a photo with my phone if i need a "copy" of something now.  it's crazy to stop and think just how much technology has changed in even the last five years.  the boys were playing around in our office and i decided to scan/copy their hands, it looked so cute that we tried again later with all four us.  i did end up using photoshop to enhance the contrast because of the additional light let in from the scanner lid on the being up, but that was it.  i love the cool x-ray quality it has and it's amazing how it captures our youth.  i think it would be equally as cool with a grandparent's and child's hand.  i plan on framing it soon and it's turned out to be the perfect little mother's day gift to myself...

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