Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Flea Market Haul

if you have been reading this for a while then you know how obsessed i am with the flea market.  my first blog post ever was about it.  i spent the majority of last weekend there and it was raining and freezing cold at times, but i was more than willing to put up with it.  as a result, i had more luck than ever...

this kilim pillow + a pair of brass pheasants

a wood lift perfect to put small plants or candles on, a striped
canvas pouch, and some cool rubber booties for only a buck!

a vintage boyscout cot + mexican blanket

a vintage first aid book that's equally as cool as it is helpful, with illustrations 
to identify poisonous plants and snakes, plus some great little vintage toys.

and my favorite find of the weekend, this boy scout meets pharrell style hat.

and this mint condition mini piano was the boys favorite!  dean spotted it before
i did and went sprinting up and started banging on it, luckily it was only $40.

included in my "haul" were these two for part of one day.
they were so good and had so much fun, the fair food didn't hurt either. 

 i scream, you scream.

they wanted this so badly and were determined to get it to work.  it was
so sweet watching them put their heads together trying to figure it out.

 they must have circled it a dozen times and finally cole said...

"mom, maybe the candy is invisible!?!  and when you
put money in and turn the handle it will appear!?!"

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