Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm with the Band

bandana pillows back in the shop and now in three colors... 

check out these and more in the shop!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Room of the Day

starting a new series, today is one of those days i'm dreaming of going back to bed...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ascot + Hart

a very cool shop created and curated by two inspirational little mamas.  i've always had a thing for red shoes so when i saw these boots i had to make them mine.  they were actually a christmas present to myself, but the brutal winter kept them in my closet till now...

the dandy boot - check out more at ascot + hart!

vintage cotton tee jcrew // gold fringe necklace & shorts forever 21

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Decked Out

every year we change things around outside, get rid of what's worn out, and add a little new.  we totally rearranged all of the furniture this year, mixed up some of the pieces, and decided to bring in more color and pattern.  here's the new set up and the plan... 

one half of the deck is now a large dining space made up of two old ikea teak tables that we put
together to make one big one.  we love to entertain and i have a huge family so we needed as
much seating as possible.  the chairs are faux wicker from target a couple years ago.  the large
bench across the back is two i borrowed from another set we acquired, that i plan to line with
cushions and colorful throw pillows.  our deck faces southwest and gets hammered by the
weather and the tables obviously need some serious tlc.

the other half is now set up like this.  as much as i would love to "lounge" on those chaises it never
happens, so i decided to maximize them as a long bench/daybed that can accommodate several people.
these are also from target about five years ago, there's lot that hasn't survived out here more than
a year or two, except all this faux wicker.  it is amazing!  i will admit when it first came out several years ago, i was working at restoration hardware and i thought it was a fad, but every year i see more and more styles and in all different price ranges.  if you are looking for low maintenance and high durability then this is totally the way to go.  those teak chairs on the other hand [hand me downs] are kinda the opposite, but i love them anyway.  here's the overall idea for the lounge area, and these colors and ideas will also spill over into the dining area... 

// target style //
yes i know, i am pouf obsessed.  they're just so perfect for kids.

other sources: black & white ikat pillow pillowmatic on etsy
silver lanterns are from last year, but you can find similar ones on ebay.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Flea Market Haul

if you have been reading this for a while then you know how obsessed i am with the flea market.  my first blog post ever was about it.  i spent the majority of last weekend there and it was raining and freezing cold at times, but i was more than willing to put up with it.  as a result, i had more luck than ever...

this kilim pillow + a pair of brass pheasants

a wood lift perfect to put small plants or candles on, a striped
canvas pouch, and some cool rubber booties for only a buck!

a vintage boyscout cot + mexican blanket

a vintage first aid book that's equally as cool as it is helpful, with illustrations 
to identify poisonous plants and snakes, plus some great little vintage toys.

and my favorite find of the weekend, this boy scout meets pharrell style hat.

and this mint condition mini piano was the boys favorite!  dean spotted it before
i did and went sprinting up and started banging on it, luckily it was only $40.

included in my "haul" were these two for part of one day.
they were so good and had so much fun, the fair food didn't hurt either. 

 i scream, you scream.

they wanted this so badly and were determined to get it to work.  it was
so sweet watching them put their heads together trying to figure it out.

 they must have circled it a dozen times and finally cole said...

"mom, maybe the candy is invisible!?!  and when you
put money in and turn the handle it will appear!?!"

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ra Ra Mini

small versions of my hand painted symbol pillows now available in the shop...

accent pillows that are perfect for little and big kids alike! 

and speaking of mini, the gold faux leather pillow featured here has been re-stocked  

and now available in faux black leather and silver suede too!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

Project Update

still working away on this little loft-like space and getting very excited about how the dining area is coming together...

wood & metal trestle table restoration hardware / white african mud cloth via ebay [africa adorned]

and if you're a gray malin fan... check out this post!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Friday, May 9, 2014

Hands On

sometimes all the technology and inspiration that surrounds us can make me forget about the simple things like a good old fashioned copier.  i typically just take a photo with my phone if i need a "copy" of something now.  it's crazy to stop and think just how much technology has changed in even the last five years.  the boys were playing around in our office and i decided to scan/copy their hands, it looked so cute that we tried again later with all four us.  i did end up using photoshop to enhance the contrast because of the additional light let in from the scanner lid on the being up, but that was it.  i love the cool x-ray quality it has and it's amazing how it captures our youth.  i think it would be equally as cool with a grandparent's and child's hand.  i plan on framing it soon and it's turned out to be the perfect little mother's day gift to myself...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nate Meets Gray

one of my favorite interior designers meets one of my favorite photographers // nate berkus + gray malin.  i'm a sucker for gray's overhead beach scenes and i love his balloon adorned llamas.  i was attempting to organize my desk, while entertaining dean by making his favorite "baby balloons", and this nate berkus llama was sitting there asking for some of his own.  he is the latest addition to what is turning out to be my own personal past & present target nate berkus desk accessory collection... 

this room, like many others in our home, is slowly coming together.  our office has his/her
workspaces and mine is made up of our old dining table with a chalkboard wall above that
will soon have all sorts of pictures, lists, and inspiration taped to it.  my goal is to
make it more functional and beautiful, so i've been upgrading some of my desk
accessories.  if they're always out - they might as well be pretty too! 

major target style - over half of these things actually!

1. alabaster vases + metal camping mugs for storage / 2. nate berkus gold swing line stapler
3. rainbow washi tape / 4. vintage neon letter / 5. beach day candle / 6. nate berkus white tray
7. nate berkus gold arrowhead / 8. iron utility scissors / 9. acrylic tape dispenser
10. colored sharpies - i use them for everything! / 11. nate berkus silver llama

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lemon Tree

life has been handing us not only lemons lately, but a whole tree.  lets just say there are many things i no longer take for granted - like the ability to do laundry, the love of my pets, my health and especially that of my family.  things culminated last week when my husband was laid off.  then a few days later our neighbor came over to tell us a seventy five foot tree was uprooting and in danger of falling into our yard.  we almost started laughing at how ridiculous things had become.  then it suddenly occurs to you that this tree is close enough to also fall on your house, you, or your children and you realize you have been spared.  so cole and i watched as they cut it down the following day, and at that moment i realized life was literally handing us a lemon tree and it was time to open a lemonade stand...

the best thing we did was to get outta town and head to the lake for the weekend.
a break from normal life and some new scenery was exactly what we needed!
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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Take a Hike

we love these tees by truly sanctuary as much as we love puzzles, flea market finds, and rainy day adventures...

take a hike tee available in all sizes and more colors
binoculars vintage / faux fur trapper hat restoration hardware kids
united states puzzle also vintage, but you can find a cool one here

check out the rest of their designs here... you will fall for them too!