Monday, April 7, 2014

The Boys Bedroom

you may remember this post from a couple months ago on the boys new shared bedroom.  well i'm happy to say it's finally finished!  as much as a room ever is, especially in the home of an interior designer.  there was no particular theme this time around, and the goal was to incorporate their favorite things and use a lot of what i already had in new ways...

the mix:
animals, outer space, dinosaurs and
super heroes with a nautical and vintage vibe.

map wallpaper, cardboard rhino, set of sharon montrose animal prints,
vintage globe and ship, moon poster, white end table, sheep skin,
bla bla dolls, plush-a-saurs, square wood mirror, faux wood paper, 
brass letter R, octagon towel ring, two poufs, and oversized dino & bear.

star bedding, tiger & dino pillows, black & white basket,
cardboard elephant, train photograph, tiered bookshelf,
gray ombre curtains, batman & superman art,
and gold geometric pendant.

when cole started walking he was nicknamed cole-train because
he ran everywhere.  so this vintage 60's train photograph was perfect
and cole later noticed the 2 and 4 on the engine [their ages currently]
plus his birthday is the 24th of july and he is totally a 24-7 kind of kid.

i wrote the popular saying "love you to the moon... and back"
on top of the glass with a silver sharpie which .

i made faux headboards out of photography background paper
we had left over from this party and i was so happy with the result.
the beds needed some kind of headboard and it also covers some
damaged areas where the boys have messed with the wallpaper.

i'm still just as in love with sharon montrose's work now as i
was planning my first nursery six years ago.
you can see more on eyan the elephant here.

this end table was a hand me down and originally had a
drawer, but dean broke it so we removed the hardware
and found a basket to fit inside.

i scored this bookshelf for free from cole's preschool one day
when they were rearranging classrooms and i was thrilled.
you can find new ones and many other cool things here.
see how i made the gold geometric pendant here.

i hung this towel ring low as a place for the
boys to hang their clothes for the next day.

they are big superhero fans so i was excited to find a
vintage superman photograph and batman logo to frame.

i covered old poufs with ombre rugs we had and never used
and they are the perfect place for the boys to sit and read.

                        pottery barn // map wallpaper, square wood mirror
                        cardboard safari // cardboard rhino and elephant
                        oeuf // knitted crown
                        jcrew // cubebot
                        h&m // star duvet & pillowcase, tiger pillow, stegosaurs pillow
                        land of nod // plush-a-saur rex & brock 
                        the animal printshop by sharon montrose
                        ikea // sheepskin
                        diy // moon art, poufs covered with navy ombre rugs,
                                 gold geometric pendant, vintage batman & superman art
                        bla bla kids // luigi the frog & ulysess the horse
                        crate & barrel // brass letter r
                        urban outfitters // octagon towel ring
                        vintage // boat, globe, train photograph, bear & binoculars 
                        target [style] // #144 - black & white basket
                                               #145 - gray ombre drapes

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