Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pillow Obsession

most people have something that they obsess over, covet or collect.  for some it's jewelry, or shoes, for me it is pillows.  the good thing about my pillow addiction is i can constantly re-invent and rearrange them.  in my opinion, (after paint) they're the next biggest bang for your buck in a room.  here's some on current rotation in my home and a few new favorites from my top three go-to spots...

h&m home / 2 /
this chambray mini cross pillow will be in my cart soon
they are my newest go-to spot, super duper cool + cheap!

nate berkus for target / 3 + 5 + 7 /
purple triangles, indigo, and moroccan shag
he has never designed a pillow i don't love!

etsy / 4 + 6 / and / 8 + 9 /
double arrow and lace & tassel pillow in pink from my shop
and vintage hmong batik pillows from boho pillow
i am absolutely obsessed with these!

and finally why i love instagram!
you discover people that love & obsess over the same things as much as you do.
/ 1 / one of my new favorite shops to follow @themodboho
i get excited every time she posts about new fabric shipments or
a creation for a lucky new owner - check out the mod boho here.

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