Friday, April 11, 2014


timing is everything when it comes to getting good photos of little ones.  hiring a professional is not always an option or convenient, and chances are your kids won't cooperate on the day you do.  so i decided to try using my phone and my timer cam app to see if i could pull off a series of intimate feeling photos of the three of us.  i used a combination of a tripod and holding it my hand and turned the volume off so they wouldn't hear the countdown.  i chose a time when they were tired and very relaxed after a busy couple days and our bed was a natural place.  we spend so much time there now cuddling, watching movies, and if i'm lucky - napping.  i know this won't always be the case so i wanted to capture this period in time.  i grabbed a favorite book and stuffed animal to keep their hands busy and dean grabbed one of my hats at one point too.  i didn't want it to look too posed so i tried to avoid forced smiles and at times my bitchy resting face showed up, but that's just me i guess. haha.  the best part was because there was no one physically taking the pictures they let their guard down and their innocence and vulnerability came across in a way i didn't expect, and they actually fell asleep by the end of it...

one of our favorite black & white books abc dream by kim krans
 and a giraffe one of my friends brought back from tanzania.

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