Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shared Space

i have basically shared a room my entire life and i always knew i wanted my boys to once they were on the same sleeping schedule.  so for the past couple months i have been putting together their new shared bedroom while transforming the previous nursery into a playroom.  even though dean is two, he is still very much a baby in many ways, while cole at age four is maturing immensely and i sometimes feel like i'm talking to an adult.  i know this age gap will practically disappear as they get older, but for the meantime i wanted to preserve some of the innocence the nursery had, while making it "cool" for cole too.  the majority was made up of pieces we already owned that i shopped from from other rooms along with a few new things.  i decided to forget any themes i had in the past and solely create a room that mixed their favorite things equally including - dinosaurs, animals of all kinds, superheros, space, and the sea...

for now we're keeping things low with their box springs on the ground, but i included
the jenny lind bed to complete the look and i have always loved the whole line.
i also have plans to recreate the look of the anthropolgie pendant for less.

stay tuned to see how all of these items and more come together in the finished space!

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