Friday, February 14, 2014

Just Because

i was not prepared for how excited cole would be today, he was literally up at five am and put this outfit together all on his own.  you can see on his face how good he felt and it was almost like he was trying to impress the girls already!  he is so loving, outgoing, and sincere that i'm afraid they don't stand a chance, but of course i'm biased...

just before we left for his party at school

target style #138 - love you so much banner
[fitting for any day of the year and still available in stores!]

his valentines for what he started calling it last year, we made in
shades of pink and blue and inspired by the sting art i posted the other day.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


i have always been drawn to it, so i was excited to find this necklace in a little local shop.  i love it even more dressed down with a tee and hooded sweatshirt and someone else thought it complimented their outfit too... 

 find a similar one here and my ring is the bohemian bardot by
samantha wills which is also available in many colors including turquoise

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Beachy Blue

i love these bottles i picked up a while ago and i didn't exactly plan on putting them here, but thought that i could at least enjoy them until i could find a permanent place.  yes, that would be the top of my fridge and obviously i would love to be on a warm beach right about now...

target style #137 - threshold demijohn vases [right two]

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cupid's Arrow

some arrow inspiration and a few things i may try this week to keep the boys busy, for what little cupid cole calls - just because i love you day...

 mini bow and arrow via all for the boys

toddler valentine's noodle necklace via the alison show

diy heart art via amber interiors

 cupid's arrow cake via hostess with the mostess

and a fitting reminder of one thing we all have in common...

via hp lyrikz

Friday, February 7, 2014


i love vintage shopping and very often when i get home realize i unintentionally followed a theme.  my most recent trip was no exception and when the boys started playing around with the loot, well... i couldn't resist...

matching cowboy hats to add to the boys dress up collection,
gold and silver aluminum mugs for the desk in my office and my favorite find
of the day a prospect ave sign - you can never have too many prospects!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shared Space

i have basically shared a room my entire life and i always knew i wanted my boys to once they were on the same sleeping schedule.  so for the past couple months i have been putting together their new shared bedroom while transforming the previous nursery into a playroom.  even though dean is two, he is still very much a baby in many ways, while cole at age four is maturing immensely and i sometimes feel like i'm talking to an adult.  i know this age gap will practically disappear as they get older, but for the meantime i wanted to preserve some of the innocence the nursery had, while making it "cool" for cole too.  the majority was made up of pieces we already owned that i shopped from from other rooms along with a few new things.  i decided to forget any themes i had in the past and solely create a room that mixed their favorite things equally including - dinosaurs, animals of all kinds, superheros, space, and the sea...

for now we're keeping things low with their box springs on the ground, but i included
the jenny lind bed to complete the look and i have always loved the whole line.
i also have plans to recreate the look of the anthropolgie pendant for less.

stay tuned to see how all of these items and more come together in the finished space!