Monday, January 20, 2014

Styling with Kids

the coffee table probably gets the most decorating action in the entire house.  i walk past it a thousand times a day so naturally it's where my new little treasures and favorite things land.  right now things are very neutral and the vibe is black & white, brass, lucite, and stone.  the kids are always adding to it too and i absolutely love the look of their toys mixed in, and let's face it - nothing is really be hands off when you have little ones...

target style #135 - acrylic gem by nate berkus
the tassel pillow is from my shop
the sequin pillow and aztec throw were found here
and dean's photo-bombing baby feet.

i love rearranging the coffee table because it's a quick and inexpensive way for me to get a decorating "fix",  but i know accessorizing can often be the hardest part for people.  the key is to have variety in height and material and an unexpected items or two are good conversation starters.  starting off with a tray automatically ties everything together and then it's easier to clear that way too.  this lucite one is especially good for kids and looks great with everything.  then layer on a few books, a candle, and your favorite pieces [or kids toys] of the moment.  nate berkus has been designing some real "gems" including the literal one above for target lately, that are not only affordable, but kid friendly too.

get the layered look + see my current favorite things...

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