Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Oasis

between illnesses, a toddler now sans crib, a time change, and two little boys who think they don't need to nap anymore - i'm spent.  at the end of the day i'm practically running to our bedroom to recoup.  i started re-styling it almost a year ago with this feel in mind: dark, dramatic, cosy, clean, bohemian with a nod to nautical.  [you may remember this post]  thankfully it finally came together a couple weeks ago just when i needed it most... 

the view my boys have running into wake me up at 5:45 in the am...
oh wait, except it's pitch black. i long for the days
when it's me dragging them out of bed.

i'm a sucker for white sheets and decided to keep things hotel like with no throw pillows.
let's be honest, 
my bed is often unmade and they spend more time on the floor anyway. 
 the oversized pictures of cole and dean turned out even better than i imagined
[click here for the post on those that includes the how-to]

a piece of driftwood i literally pulled from a river years ago.

i brought this chair in from our front porch and it was the perfect fit.

i was obsessed with these moroccan rugs when they first started popping up
in design magazines.  so i was beyond thrilled to score this pottery barn floor model
for dirt cheap last year.  i was a little hesitant at first, but it only cost $40 to have it
professionally cleaned and it came out like new and i saved a ton in the process.   

you might not believe where i found this black and white quilt either.

hooks are a great way to display bags or hang your outfit for the morning.
i'm considering trying this in the boys room too.

vintage bust and necklaces including this cool silver one i picked up recently.

a mix of silver and gold + old and new target accessories: nate berkus gold bowls 
and target style #127 - threshold casa roca silver frame

and i'm in love with this budda, a recent gift from a dear friend.

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