Friday, November 29, 2013

Casual Sequins

i absolutely love this current juxtaposition showing up everywhere.  here's a few of my favorite combos and pieces from the glamorous to the more laid back...

and i know i'm not the only one loving this casual, yet elegant combo.
this sequin skirt paired with a white tee + denim jacket
has been my most popular pin ever [at over a thousand]
all images via pinterest // click here for more of my pins

images: chevron silver sequin skirt + skull clutch, gold sequin bustier + blazerwhite sequin leggings,
sequin mini dress, blake lively in a silver sequin cardigan, matte black sequin top,
sequin maxi skirt + white tee, and sequin sweater + converse.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sweatshirt Chic

who doesn't love a comfy sweatshirt, and when you find one like this, well... you live in it.  the sheer panel across the shoulders takes it up a notch and i get a compliment every time i wear it, immediately followed by - where is it from!?!  i bet you can guess...

target find #128 - mossimo gray sweatshirt

this outfit might as well be my uniform, because i practically have at least one of
these pieces on every day.  the imitation leather pants have the comfort of leggings, but
the warmth of corduroy and i've decided my chuck taylors pretty much go with everything.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Oasis

between illnesses, a toddler now sans crib, a time change, and two little boys who think they don't need to nap anymore - i'm spent.  at the end of the day i'm practically running to our bedroom to recoup.  i started re-styling it almost a year ago with this feel in mind: dark, dramatic, cosy, clean, bohemian with a nod to nautical.  [you may remember this post]  thankfully it finally came together a couple weeks ago just when i needed it most... 

the view my boys have running into wake me up at 5:45 in the am...
oh wait, except it's pitch black. i long for the days
when it's me dragging them out of bed.

i'm a sucker for white sheets and decided to keep things hotel like with no throw pillows.
let's be honest, 
my bed is often unmade and they spend more time on the floor anyway. 
 the oversized pictures of cole and dean turned out even better than i imagined
[click here for the post on those that includes the how-to]

a piece of driftwood i literally pulled from a river years ago.

i brought this chair in from our front porch and it was the perfect fit.

i was obsessed with these moroccan rugs when they first started popping up
in design magazines.  so i was beyond thrilled to score this pottery barn floor model
for dirt cheap last year.  i was a little hesitant at first, but it only cost $40 to have it
professionally cleaned and it came out like new and i saved a ton in the process.   

you might not believe where i found this black and white quilt either.

hooks are a great way to display bags or hang your outfit for the morning.
i'm considering trying this in the boys room too.

vintage bust and necklaces including this cool silver one i picked up recently.

a mix of silver and gold + old and new target accessories: nate berkus gold bowls 
and target style #127 - threshold casa roca silver frame

and i'm in love with this budda, a recent gift from a dear friend.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter Weather

rolled in early this year so we had to gear up quickly because nothing on hand fit cole.  my aim was to find mostly classic pieces that would hold up to be passed down and find deals wherever i could.  i also reminded myself to not buy stuff just because it was cheap that i half liked either.  i've realized all the cheap stuff can often add up just as quickly because i tend to buy more, so i'm trying to buy less and buy better.  here's what i've collected over the past few weeks that includes many of my favorites like good layering pieces, black & white, cable knit, stripes, alpaca, and sporty comfort... 

knit cardiganknit crowns in gold and gray by oeuf and available at fawn shoppe
[you may remember this post] / junk food batman superhero mittens - my boys
especially love these + i love their handmade feel and can be worn two ways
contrast stripe sleep set in full moon
gray corduroy pants
hooded sweatshirt jacket in gray - cole loves to layer and has been living in this
white long sleeve waffle knit - also great for layering and adorable on it's own [only $6!]
gray cable knit beanie / black sky tops [more high tops here]
and we really love this army green padded vest with patches -
perfect for those long car rides in carseats!

of course while i was shopping for the boys, i came across
cute pieces for little girls too and a lot that works for both.
i realize so many of my posts are boy heavy,
but such is my life. ha ha.

alpaca striped leggies + knit crowns in gold and gray by oeuf and available at fawn shoppe
[see this post] / cable knit poncho / black riding pants gold star frost free zip vest
pile vest in natural white / contrast stripe sleep set in full moon / ivory knit sweater
minnetonka side zip double fringe boot / gray cable knit beanie 

Friday, November 8, 2013

It's Not Her, It's Me

happy to have one of my pillows featured by the very sweet california based stylist toshiko shek, as part of her sleepy autumn bedroom reveal...

gold faux leather snakeskin pillow available in my etsy shop

click here to see the whole room on it's not her, it's me

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Seeing Stars

i have been into the star motif in clothing and kids gear for a while, so i was very excited to find this black and white top by alice ritter while out thrifting.  i loved it even more once i paired it with black denim and my vintage star belt...

i guess i should have ironed it before photographing it.
oh well, shoulda-coulda... i have to get dressed super fast
in the morning and when you have little ones and work from home,
ironing is low on the list.  i also picked up this new ring the same trip.

oh and the best part about this belt... it used to be my dad's!
not sure my family knows i swiped it.
i think i can hear my three sister's calling for it right now.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Spirit

cole and dean had their best trick-o-treat yet even with the rain, wind, and running makeup they had so much fun.  they also got to hang out with some of their cousins and they all were happy to pose and get into character...