Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Big Picture

many of my recent favorite photos aren't the best quality because they've been taken with my phone, but they wouldn't exist without it either.  my timing is almost always better with it cause it's within reach as compared to my camera.  i saw this idea on pinterest, but thought it was too good to be true - larger than life black and white "engineering prints" for dirt cheap.  their grainy graphic quality is perfect for blowing up low resolution phone pics to make them frame-worthy...

i set up an online account on staples [copy & print], uploaded the picture from my phone,
and chose the smallest size engineering print 18x24 for only $1.79!! 
from there i re-sized the photo a little smaller so that it would fit this ikea frame
and then picked them up in store a couple days later.

one of my all time favorite pictures of cole,
happily strolling through the kitchen with this hat on.

i can't believe i went from this to this for under $25
[they would would be just as cool pinned to the wall too]

this was one of two i framed, because they were so inexpensive i ordered a few different pictures and picked the best.
in the process, i found that the ones with the least amount of black turned out the best.  the printing automatically
 darkens the entire image and adds a lot of black, so it gives images lacking contrast the perfect amount.

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