Thursday, August 29, 2013

White on White

my dining chairs have gotten a real beating since the boys have migrated out of their high chairs, and after remembering these by Robert & Cortney Novogratz, i was inspired to makeover my own.  i not only gained durability, but a whole new feeling in my dining room and i'm always happy to have more white...

well made chairs that were handed down to me years ago,
previously in a wood finish and a blue ticking stripe i added last year.

the makeover: i sprayed them first with white spray paint to get in all the hard to reach spots,
then hand painted them with a high gloss white + covered the seats with a high quality faux leather

our dining room doubles as my work space + it's a popular spot in our house
so dean and ike couldn't resist popping in

bells of ireland, a vintage paper mache bird,
and i love this "give love" candle and this entire line available in stores

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