Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kid-Friendly Display

it's been over three years since i began baby-proofing and had to hide many things away, but with dean turning two soon i decided to slowly start bringing a little back out to test him.  i'm realizing the key to their survival is to mix in some of his toys with the pieces i'd rather him not throw across the room...

i am in love these new celestial cracked glass coasters i picked up from anthropologie recently
- they come in many more beautiful colors, i may have to pick up the white set

   we've had a couple casualties as i expected, but it's nice to see
some of what i love again.  he's now even starting to play around it
without bothering it, so i think my plan is working...

SOURCES: square acrylic format tray from CB2, books - the re-purposed library / menagerie by sharon montrose /
safari style icons [uh second thought, maybe i should move this, making this link i found there are new copies going for $186!]
brass lantern from world market [similar one here], succulent from this post, brass binoculars and zebra are vintage.

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