Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Terrarium Class

ironically after deciding to plant all those succulents, my friend cara invited me to a terrarium building class last week.  it was hosted by the lovely Eva at EcoFlora, a really cool shop in her neighborhood.  we had a great time and all walked out with unique and beautiful terrariums + more...

my terrarium, an air plant + cool chunk of wood i picked up
[which i ended up mounting in a shadowbox - more on that soon]

courtney's terrarium
funny story about this gold earring - it was one of her favorite pairs and she had lost the other one years ago.
well i actually found it under my seat while cleaning out my car recently.  i had no idea whose
it was or where it came from.  i jokingly almost questioned my husband.  we could not stop laughing.

her shop was also full of beautiful pottery and jewelry,
including this turquoise cross ring i've been wearing ever since

click here for more information on EcoFlora and their organic + sustainable designs

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  1. Courtney told me the story about the earring - SO FUNNY!