Sunday, July 21, 2013

Paver Porch

last year we enlarged our drive and later realized our front porch needed an upgrade too.  it had previously been an old concrete slab with a sidewalk and one small step. [sorry no before picture] so to make it feel a little more grand and in scale "we" [my father-in-law and husband - thanks guys] added two large steps and covered it all with pavers.  the transformation was even better than i imagined, surprisingly affordable, and especially worth the money for the curb appeal it added...

target style # 118 - threshold ikat outdoor pillows [available in more colors]
the amelia woven wingback armchairs were also new additions and
the other pieces we already had like this gothic lantern pendant 

and turns out it's a great place to pose...

for a family picture that is...

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  1. any chance you could share the process of adding the pavers to the old concrete