Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sucker for Succulents

they are beautiful + low maintenance - what's not to love.  i had a few containers i wanted to fill with them so i rolled out the craft paper and set up an assembly line...

these little hands had a lot of fun scooping and filling in the sand.
to fill all three vessels i used about $15 worth of succulents from home depot.
glass vase / terrarium
layered with a few rocks at the bottom for drainage,
then soil, then sand, the a rock, reindeer moss + small succulent
[you may remember this version jenny designed for the flea market]
vintage wood vase
lined it with plastic to protect the wood, a few rocks for drainage,
then soil, then sand + one single large succulent
vintage white ceramic urn
ideal for succulents because it's completely hollow for plenty of drainage.
first layer: a few rocks, then soil, sand, a little reindeer moss +
a grouping of three medium size succulents

note: this is not a planting guide, but merely inspiration on ways to arrange them.
 i am by no means a plant expert, but my thumb gets greener every year.

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