Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beautiful Banner... Batman

cole is into all the standard superheros these days, so much so that even dean recognizes the logos, which is why i picked up another tee for him.  while there, we found this really cute mask invitation set that we decided to turn into a banner for their rooms...
target style # 113 mara mi invitation + stationary sets

check out their site for many more beautiful products + designs

this zoomerang animal set includes - 12 masks [two of each],
12 red elastic cords, and 12 large red square envelopes

for only $7.99 you can do a lot with it - use the invitations, the masks,

make two small or one large banner or even frame your favorites for adorable kid art

target style #114 retro superhero kids tees
i hope these two stay buddies forever

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