Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thrifty Flips // Part l

i've been going thrifting a lot lately and have found some great pieces that cover all focuses of this blog... home, kids and style.  my friends that have never gone and have also been asking lots of questions and wanting my secrets on where to go and what to do.  i know entering a thrift store can be intimidating and overwhelming to some, so here's my little quick guide to having a good thrifting experience. 

1. go often.  and if possible go on a weekday, otherwise it's slim-pickins and a crowd of people to contend with.
2. grab a cart as soon as you enter.  i always think i'll never need one and end up juggling stuff and heading back to get one.  most importantly, grab anything of interest and do a best of the best sort at the end.
3. move quickly and don't linger.  [i usually try to be in and out in 20 mins] skip areas all together that you have no interest in.   for instance, don't even attempt looking through the clothes if you aren't into wearing vintage.  keeping the trip short is key, that way if you leave empty handed you won't feel like you've wasted a bunch of time and will look forward to your next trip back.  

here's a couple of simple before and after projects, starting with the kid finds...

i picked this up for only $5.  i'm guessing all the marks on the top made it that cheap,
but i thought it gave it character.  i actually forgot to take a picture of the before,
but found a picture similar desk so you get the idea of the original color.
i sanded off the stain on the top to enhance the look of the wood and painted the bottom.

got this guy for $14, i loved the wool mane and his leather ears
and modernized him with a coat of high gloss white paint.
[cole enjoyed "helping" and was cracking himself up as usual]
a few things to keep in mind... no two thrift stores are alike.
 the prices and selection vary based on the city you're in.
i circulate a few on a regular basis and certain ones are definitely
better stocked in departments like clothing or furniture.
i have had my share of busts, but the good trips definitely outweigh the bad.
the best part is, if you get home and have buyers remorse you have spent little 
and you can just donate the item back on your way in the next time.

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