Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Piece in Every Room

i mentioned a few big projects i had in the works recently and this is the biggest of the big - a pop up store/booth at my favorite flea market with my friend jenny.  i've been working to get ready for it for a while now and it's finally only a week away.  i will be posting more on the booth later, but in the meantime, here are some items i have collected from there over the years.  i realized i almost have a flea market piece in every room...

deans room - hanging globes + boat
entry - gold sunburst convex mirror - i got it a few years ago
when they were popping up everywhere and it was only $10!
bookshelf - budda head + goede
cole's room - plaid blanket
live edge console table/desk
wood dressing screen i turned into a chalkboard for the boys
white + gray starfish on our mantel
cole's room - hanging sailboats [and the robot is from here]
wine barrel ring i turned into a chandelier [featured in this post]
kitchen island + wood carved candle pedestal

i've been going to this flea market for over ten years now,
and i've collected some great funny memories to go along with the pieces i've found...
like wading through rain up to my ankles holding that soon-to-be chalkboard over my head,
to swollen ankles and realizing the irony when i bought these for dean's room.

happy mothers day!

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