Thursday, April 4, 2013

Target Style

it's no secret... i love target.  i get asked by friends and stopped by strangers all the time about items in my home or pieces one of us is wearing.   i'm surprised that many of them are still so shocked when i answer with a big smile "target!"  so i've decided to start an ongoing series "target style" to feature my finds and how we incorporate them into our home and wardrobes.  i've found probably at least a hundred great items over the years, so here's the first...

from my etsy shop and this frayed paisley scarf from forever 21.
[i've been obsessed with scarves lately and using them everywhere
around my home lately as runners and pillow covers]

and while i was snapping these shots cole was stomping around
in a couple more of our target favorites we've been living in...

i loved these so much that i picked up another pair in gray
these camo pants are cut perfectly [not too tight or baggy] and have
become one of his favorites and he would definitely tell me otherwise.
he has become very opinionated on what he now wears everyday.
he has given me his stamp of approval on my high tops as well.

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