Tuesday, April 23, 2013

American Brothers

cole has been obsessed with dressing like his dad lately.  it's really sweet, from the hat to the shoes - he wants it all.  i can perfectly remember my youngest brother at his age wearing khaki pants and a button down standing in front of the mirror repeatedly trying to perfect my dad's classic side part.  ironically enough, cole inherited his uncles hair with calics in the front that do what they want.  his obsession has sent us on a few scouting missions to find similar kid versions, but we're not complaining - we're both enjoying his super dad-loving a lot.  here's two of our current favorites...
their new store in new orleans - check out their site for hats of all styles
the lil' billy bob in olive, dark gray and brown - you can also find them here.
the nylon pack cloth gym bag - also a perfect day trip bag for kids.
it's super durable and only $18 and comes in 24 colors!
we just bought our second and i'm sure we'll be back for more.
modeling his new hat in dark navy and one of his favorite
vintage tees.  it's from his cousin [who he adores] and even
though it's been washed a hundred times, when he puts it on
he smiles really big and lovingly says... "it smells like ethan"

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