Monday, March 4, 2013

Warm + Sunny

this beanie has become my new staple for hiding bad hair days and my sunglasses for covering up the bags under my eyes. [too many nights of cole climbing into our bed] so when i met my friend jenny to go antiquing and the sun finally decided to come out, i was so happy to use them for their intended purpose.  when she pulled up in her truck, we cracked up, she apparently had the same idea...

some of our favorite finds...

and i was thrilled with what i brought home...

 tiny art, brushed brass candlestick, and hook [probably my favorite find of the day]
pair of antlers, a mint condition white woven fringe blanket,
 and a few english saucers to hold candles.

i was obviously having a white, gold and girly moment.  it wasn't until i put it all together
that i realized how straight out of anthropologie it looked.  
my husband
and i have rearranged a couple rooms in our home recently and
a do
mino of decorating has begun.  i'm excited to add these treasures into the mix.

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  1. Oooh I love your finds especially the hook! Jealous! xx