Friday, March 8, 2013

March in the Snow

if you've been reading this for a while, then you know i love to do little photo shoots of my family and friends. it's my way to not only capture great moments, but to improve my photography skills.  i have been dying to try a professional looking one in front of a white backdrop for a while.  i don't have a light kit, reflectors or any of the usual tools the pros use, but found some homemade tricks to try.  well it turns out i didn't need any of them and i finally got my opportunity, but not in the way i expected...

we love our boots - the boys are from here and mine from here.
the bambino grande sled is from mountain boy sledworks out of colorado.
it's perfect for toddlers because of the rails that make it extra safe.
i think i might have to get one of their toboggans when the boys are older.

i found out a long time ago i get better pictures of my kids when props are involved - this time it was a sled, sunglasses and snowballs.  i was also playing around with the settings on my camera more than usual, including the grainy film filter which was used on the black and whites.  the snow turned out to be a great way to get photogenic ones of our dogs ike and arthur and more of dean than normal.  it slowed the three of them down and at times they were perfectly stopped in their tracks. 

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