Monday, March 18, 2013

Boutineers + Beards

i found these cute ideas and made them for the boys to play around with over the weekend...

clover boutineer how-to:

MATERIALS: green felt, needle + thread and a bobby pin

i found this clover boutineer via pinterest [unfortunately no source]
i followed this and then stitched the back to a gold bobby pin.
it fits perfect on a boy's pocket and would also be sweet in a girls hair.
i also think the idea could be expanded into flowers in many beautiful colors.

leprechaun beard how-to:

MATERIALS: faux fur or roving wool, cardboard + stick or dowel and fabric glue

the beard idea came from a kids magazine i was flipping through in the waiting room at the dentist.
they used faux fur, which i couldn't find, so i used this roving wool instead.

1. start by cutting the wool into strips as long as you want [ours is approx 10" long]
2. gently separate the strands to resemble hair
3. cut the cardboard [or wood in this case] into a half moon shape to fit the width of your child's face [ours was approx 5 1/2" wide]
i was going to use cardboard and a dowel for the base, but i happened to find this pre-made mask for $1 when i was checking out.
4. use fabric glue to attach the bottom row of hair first and then slowly work your way up i wrapped the final layer over the top and glued it to the back to make it soft
5. then trim the beard into the shape you want

like the clover, i think this could be expanded into many shapes and
colors and would be a fun at a boys birthday party.

 cole loved the boutineer [he's a big fan of ties] and quickly incorporated the beard into his dress up stash.
my other little leprechaun would not go near the beard, it was hilarious.

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