Monday, March 11, 2013

All About Aqua

i have been surrounding myself with the color recently and it wasn't until i put it all together that i realized it...

i love this new tray, but had yet to use it, until i was unpacking groceries the other night.
a certain baby in my cart popped that flower off and his other victims included...
a punctured package of meat, a smashed loaf of bread, and everyone within ear shot
who had to listen to his screams of joy [and anger].  hence the beverage.  i continued to unwind
while i played around decorating and the boys literally ran circles around the house and me.

SOURCES: ikea omvaxlande tray [also available in black], recycled glass vases [also called balloon or barcelona vases]
available several places including viva terra and world market, vintage anthropologie cadelabra, west elm paper mache fish,
nate berkus ikat bowl from hsn, ikea byholma chest, lemon mint leaf three wick candle from bath and body works,
and the taos arrow + fringe necklace being sold currently in my etsy shop.

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