Friday, March 29, 2013

Rockin It

this is hands down the most used item i've ever bought at ikea to date.  whether together or on their own, my kids have used it every day since i brought it home weeks ago.  it's great for teeny + timid and crazy rockers alike...

the rusig rocker - only $9.99!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Outdoor Oasis

if you're in an area that experiences the four seasons, then you're probably awaiting warm weather as much as i am.  so here are some swoon-worthy outdoor spaces to help set the mood...

i love the the french feel and everything in this space -
black and white stripe cabana + metal bistro set + huge hedgerow + pom pillow 

hanging basket chairs and a moss covered teepee. i would love to add both to my back yard,
they would make perfect hideouts for the kids [or me].

low slung wood seating + white cushions make
donna karan's outdoor space simple and so gorgeous.

a pool designed to look like a swimming hole and a breezy navy + white + wicker covered terrace

rustic wood beam tables and walls + tons of ferns and ivy built into a hill

loungy + romantic for a new orleans meets morocco feel

for more inspiration click here to follow my
[outdoor oasis] board + many others on pinterest

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ignorance is Not Bliss

we replaced our computer recently and i was so excited about our new high resolution screen... until i opened this blog.  i now realize how limited my last one was and am embarrassed at the quality of some of these posts.  i was basically seeing a clean white background, while many of you were seeing gray spots and errors.  you probably thought... is this girl crazy?  how can she think this looks good?  i have a design degree.  i have an eye for detail, but you would not have thought that based on some of these posts.  you may have no idea what i'm talking about based on the age of your computer, but for those of you that do and still came back for more - thank you.  i guess i should thank my sons for popping several keys off and literally forcing us to replace it.  ironically the first one to go was "m".  had they not, i would have written another hundred posts thinking they were all fine.  so there it is my official disclaimer and the introduction to madmother 2.0...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stella & Dot

i went to a trunk show the other night, and not only did i have a great time, i came away with some really beautiful pieces.  when it comes to jewelry, i've been a little obsessed lately.  here were some of my favorites...

avalon fringe necklace, paradise studs, rebel pendant, serenity stone drops in jade, and the chantilly lace cuff

and i just received my adorable little package in the mail...

the gilded arrow bangle

...check out their site for much much more

[if you're local and want to host your own trunk show,
contact me and i will put you in touch with my friend bridget]

Monday, March 18, 2013

Boutineers + Beards

i found these cute ideas and made them for the boys to play around with over the weekend...

clover boutineer how-to:

MATERIALS: green felt, needle + thread and a bobby pin

i found this clover boutineer via pinterest [unfortunately no source]
i followed this and then stitched the back to a gold bobby pin.
it fits perfect on a boy's pocket and would also be sweet in a girls hair.
i also think the idea could be expanded into flowers in many beautiful colors.

leprechaun beard how-to:

MATERIALS: faux fur or roving wool, cardboard + stick or dowel and fabric glue

the beard idea came from a kids magazine i was flipping through in the waiting room at the dentist.
they used faux fur, which i couldn't find, so i used this roving wool instead.

1. start by cutting the wool into strips as long as you want [ours is approx 10" long]
2. gently separate the strands to resemble hair
3. cut the cardboard [or wood in this case] into a half moon shape to fit the width of your child's face [ours was approx 5 1/2" wide]
i was going to use cardboard and a dowel for the base, but i happened to find this pre-made mask for $1 when i was checking out.
4. use fabric glue to attach the bottom row of hair first and then slowly work your way up i wrapped the final layer over the top and glued it to the back to make it soft
5. then trim the beard into the shape you want

like the clover, i think this could be expanded into many shapes and
colors and would be a fun at a boys birthday party.

 cole loved the boutineer [he's a big fan of ties] and quickly incorporated the beard into his dress up stash.
my other little leprechaun would not go near the beard, it was hilarious.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Gold + Gray + Girly

i'm really into brushed brass lately and have seen some especially gorgeous bath pieces in it.  i have been slowly re-styling our master bath since the fall, and since we're not in the market to replace all the fixtures, i plan on working it in with accessories.  i love this overall feeling that also includes bright white walls, gray metal industrial pieces and a feminine touch... 

brass faucet with a beautiful patina, metal wall office organizer [vintage], 
lander sconce from crate and barrel [i'm a sucker for edison bulbs],
white ruffle shower curtain, hexagonal brass towel holder from urban outfitters,
west elm spa stripe towels and jayden metal shelf unit from world market.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Perfect Pouch

i have been using them for organizing everything lately including my giant bag [diaper bag] and for quickly downsizing what's in it when i'm able to travel light.  i've found some really beautiful ones lately, here are a few of my favorites...

1. fringed wristlet - american eagle $19  2. snake tassel clutchtarget $24
3. glossed tweed pouch - anthropologie $38  4. opal by mar y sol - piperlime $78
6. geometric pattern leather pouch in neon pink - by coriumi on etsy $56

Monday, March 11, 2013

All About Aqua

i have been surrounding myself with the color recently and it wasn't until i put it all together that i realized it...

i love this new tray, but had yet to use it, until i was unpacking groceries the other night.
a certain baby in my cart popped that flower off and his other victims included...
a punctured package of meat, a smashed loaf of bread, and everyone within ear shot
who had to listen to his screams of joy [and anger].  hence the beverage.  i continued to unwind
while i played around decorating and the boys literally ran circles around the house and me.

SOURCES: ikea omvaxlande tray [also available in black], recycled glass vases [also called balloon or barcelona vases]
available several places including viva terra and world market, vintage anthropologie cadelabra, west elm paper mache fish,
nate berkus ikat bowl from hsn, ikea byholma chest, lemon mint leaf three wick candle from bath and body works,
and the taos arrow + fringe necklace being sold currently in my etsy shop.

Friday, March 8, 2013

March in the Snow

if you've been reading this for a while, then you know i love to do little photo shoots of my family and friends. it's my way to not only capture great moments, but to improve my photography skills.  i have been dying to try a professional looking one in front of a white backdrop for a while.  i don't have a light kit, reflectors or any of the usual tools the pros use, but found some homemade tricks to try.  well it turns out i didn't need any of them and i finally got my opportunity, but not in the way i expected...

we love our boots - the boys are from here and mine from here.
the bambino grande sled is from mountain boy sledworks out of colorado.
it's perfect for toddlers because of the rails that make it extra safe.
i think i might have to get one of their toboggans when the boys are older.

i found out a long time ago i get better pictures of my kids when props are involved - this time it was a sled, sunglasses and snowballs.  i was also playing around with the settings on my camera more than usual, including the grainy film filter which was used on the black and whites.  the snow turned out to be a great way to get photogenic ones of our dogs ike and arthur and more of dean than normal.  it slowed the three of them down and at times they were perfectly stopped in their tracks. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Warm + Sunny

this beanie has become my new staple for hiding bad hair days and my sunglasses for covering up the bags under my eyes. [too many nights of cole climbing into our bed] so when i met my friend jenny to go antiquing and the sun finally decided to come out, i was so happy to use them for their intended purpose.  when she pulled up in her truck, we cracked up, she apparently had the same idea...

some of our favorite finds...

and i was thrilled with what i brought home...

 tiny art, brushed brass candlestick, and hook [probably my favorite find of the day]
pair of antlers, a mint condition white woven fringe blanket,
 and a few english saucers to hold candles.

i was obviously having a white, gold and girly moment.  it wasn't until i put it all together
that i realized how straight out of anthropologie it looked.  
my husband
and i have rearranged a couple rooms in our home recently and
a do
mino of decorating has begun.  i'm excited to add these treasures into the mix.