Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My New Favorite Kids Gift

schleigh toy animals + the zoo ology book by joelle jolivet.  this book has long been a huge favorite in our house and now these animals are becoming one too.  they are not your average plastic ones, they are insanely detailed and heavy enough to actually stand up on their own.  both gifts are timeless and great for a large age range of kids.  the book is enormous [open it's over 2ft wide] and is a great learning tool, it will teach your kids a bunch of new animals you've never even heard of.  since reading this book the pigmy marmoset and the bush baby are cole's new favorite animals and they often come up in conversation.  trips to the zoo have also become funny because he sounds like a little zoologist as he runs up to the exhibits, going - "it's a gibbon!" or "it's an okapi!" and the people around us laugh.
schleigh male lion + zebra and the female giraffe.
see their huge line here that's available in a wide range of

we ordered this copy for cole's friend from amazon, our's is well-loved and once it falls apart
we will be ordering a new copy and definitely framing some pages or making art with the old copy.

 the birthday boy and his little sister lou, they are so sweet with each other

i have also come across a ton of clever ideas for these little animals, including wall art, place card holders,
 desk accessories and even planters, although i think i would use the cheap-o ones if i was going to paint the

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