Friday, January 25, 2013

Toes on the Table

everyone says you pay now or pay later when it comes to kids, depending on their sex.  i hope i'm paying now with these two, who have been crazier than ever, even the flu last week did not slow them down.  dean's current favorite move is to climb up his high chair and stand on the table.  he has gotten so fast that the other day he literally took it one step further and swung from the chandelier.  i caught him as he was completely mid-air at a diagonal.  it was one of those moments when you're terrified and holding back the laughter at the same time.  it felt like a frat party in here.

all of his shenanigans have made me realize how i love
these following pieces even more now then when we bought them.
seeing first hand what they have been put through
and survived is a testament to their quality.

the stokee tripp trapp high chair was hands down
the best piece of baby furniture we bought when cole was born and
worth every penny.  it can be converted into a standard chair once they
outgrow the high chair.  the only down side is it makes an excellent ladder. 
the cucina pinot grigio dining table we've had for over a year now.  we lucked out when we went to buy it
because they just so happened to be selling the floor model that day for half off.  i practically climbed on top of it,
ironically, while my husband ran to get someone to ring us up.  it has survived forks, playdough and even red wine.
it's made of a durable recycled french flooring called senso, but looks like the real thing.

the orb chandelier from ballard design was obviously the most recent to be tested,
i was floored when the weight of his little baby body didn't pull it from the ceiling.
i removed the crystal because it wasn't me and thought it would be a temptation for tiny hands,
little did i know.  this is all proof that you don't have to sacrifice style once kids come into your life.

although things can get crazy with two little boys two years apart
i think i'm definitely starting to reap some benefits.
they have become best buds and are great at sharing,
even if it means dean is [also on the table] eating from cole's cereal bowl...

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  1. ahhh love this! I remember running after Liv, extracting her from one mess, cleaning up, while she was into something else! One word of advice....WINE! TGIF, Beth