Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pinned It

here's a few of my favorites from pinterest this week...

finally! a fantastic, easy and aesthetically pleasing solution to my oh-so-drafty fireplace
interior of the week - a perfect example of how a great room is the sum of all it's parts.
there is no piece here that i love individually, but i absolutely love the feel of the room.
hair & hat inspiration
acrylic picture frame from michaels - lined with paper and turned into a tray
and a way to modernize vintage paintings by painting a simple graphic or word over top
i've been wanting to put a small tent in cole's room where we can read at night,
but now i'm wondering if i should go for broke...
...not to mention this tent scene is my favorite part of the movie the holiday
[great design eye candy if you've never scene it]
a use for dean's crib mattress once he learns to climb out, which i'm afraid will be any day now
free art - i have got to try this with cole

i have wanted to play around drawing over some photographs for a while and this might be
the cutest version i've ever seen.  no babies on the horizon, so i guess i'll have to borrow one.
great quote - in fact i might frame it.


  1. Hey Amy, I love your blog and ideas!! I also pinned the idea about the crib mattress transformed, but have not found an actual website with step-by-step details. Let me know if you find it! Our girls room has a perfect spot for something like that!! Hope you don't mind if I share your blog with my facebook friends!! Thanks! Kelly Hale(Harris)

  2. Thank you Kelly, that means a lot - share away. I will see if I can find a how-to and let you know if I do.