Sunday, January 27, 2013

Holy Hobby Lobby

i ran in the other day to pick up an item for my mother-in-law and thought it would be a quick trip, but had a hard time finding what i was looking for so i found myself wandering every aisle.  i hadn't been in one in over a year and i was floored by what i found.  i remembered finding cool things there in the past, but never like this.  every time i turned the corner i was stopped in my tracks by another cool [and high quality] item.  i couldn't buy it all, but here's a couple things i got and the rest of what i saw...

i picked up this enormous basket with leather handles and a couple of these graphic pillows for our bedroom. almost all of these items were already at least half off and if they weren't i could use a coupon
to practically make it so.  the only downside is that there literally seemed to be exactly two of everything.
that's why i was there, in fact, to get more of what she had already bought.  unfortunately, no such luck,
so take my advice if you see something - just buy it, because it probably won't be there when you come back.

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