Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Few Happy Things

when the gloomy weather rolls in this time of year, i always feel like i need a little boost in the self esteem department.  here are a few of my current favorite helpers i thought i would share and maybe spread the happy...

colored skinny jeans - fushia and yellow are my current favorites.
the jolt of color literally brightens up my day - i can't stop wearing them.

and i love this white scooter, we used to have a silver stella years ago that we parked
in our entry when we lived downtown.  during the winter months we would strap a wood trunk
on the back and use it as an entry table.  (i wish i had taken a picture)

my mother-in-law gave me this a few months ago and i've been hooked ever since.
it smells wonderful and not only do i think so, but my husband immediately noticed
(and cole too) within minutes of putting it on.  it's so rare to find a scent
that we both agree smells good.  get this and the rest of her line here.

i started this back up again recently (then got the flu) and i'm literally counting the days
 till i'm over it so i can continue.  let me first say that i don't enjoy working out
and my motto is everything in moderation, but when i needed help getting rid of baby weight
the second time around this really worked for me.  not to sound like an infomercial,
but it really changed my body and the way i felt about working out.  i didn't do the diet plan
because i was still nursing so i can't comment on that, but if you're looking to loose weight
and get toned in places you never could then i would highly recommend it.
i will confess i didn't even make it through the whole 90 days and still saw huge results. 
there are four different ones based on your body type... check it out on her official site.

a christmas present to myself, these triple fringe minnetonka moccasins
are super comfortable and obviously much more stylish than my slippers.

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