Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Night In

happy new year!  we're ringing it in with a low-key night in [mini] kids party.  here's a little of what we have planned...

this beauty will be dropping at our pretend midnight countdown with some candy for the kids.
a beautiful bottle of delicious italian "champagne" and it's super cheap.
[i have 30 empty bottles from our wedding in my basement awaiting their fate as a chandelier someday.
i still get questions about it - that's how good it is!]
pipe cleaner crowns, glitter horns and some light up balloons that i'm really excited to try out.
i don't usually make resolutions, but something i'm going to try to do more of this year.

i hope everyone has a great and safe new year wherever you may find yourself at midnight.

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  1. Love your artwork for Collect Moments, Not Things! I'm currently writing an article for my frugal living blog titled "20 Fun Things to Do Instead of Shopping", and I'd love permission to use your image - with a link back to your site, of course! Please let me know. Thanks!