Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Watch Me Grow

this was the best and hardest project i have ever done.  starting when cole was just one week old i took his picture in his crib next to this well-loved bear that was my husband's from his childhood.  when i took that first picture over three years ago i had no idea how important the process would become to me.  i continued the tradition every friday, the day of the week they were both born, and ended up taking 104 of these pictures combined.  i complied all the pictures into books and i just received dean's in the mail a few days ago.  i recently heard the saying "you have a child forever, but a baby for just one year".  i am so happy i captured that short year for both of them in this way.  the ability to now see how they grew side by side to each other is priceless...

dean and cole at one month old

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  1. Love this will cherish this forever!
    Glad we get to watch them grow up!
    Beth :-)