Monday, November 12, 2012

Tissue & Paper

i love diy and and the ideas out there right now on what you can make with tissue and paper alone are incredible.  i hope to try all of these projects below, but seeing how it could be awhile before i get to them, i didn't want to wait to share.  starting with the simple to the more complex...

versions of this tissue paper tassel garland are popping up everywhere
and i'm determined to get some onto my tree this year.

i absolutely love the new line of confetti system decorations at west elm right now.
i think they are so much more than just holiday decorations.  they would be beautiful clustered
like this or hung on a line in a child's bedroom or play room year round.

i posted a picture of a paper mache moon a couple months ago that i wanted to try making,
but this one seems easier and much less of a mess to make.  check out oh happy day -
they have some of the most beautiful and original diy projects i've ever seen
with full step by step instructions for this project and many more.

 and i really love this mini marquee sign - also courtesy of oh happy day.

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