Friday, October 5, 2012

Room to Grow

kids are great at keeping you on your toes, by the time you get a system down, they change on you again.  the same can be said for the functions of their room.  the nursery for my oldest started out a very monochromatic and soothing place for both of us and has evolved into a more colorful place that reflects his interests and favorite things.  it seems like it gets a slight update every year or so and i just did one again over the past week.  here's a bit of the before and after...

i had no real theme at the time, but what it had most was baby animals with a vintage vibe. 
i made the cloud mobile with felt, wood stars and paper airplanes.

my son's gift to me on mothers day the year before last was to crawl out of his crib. 
i was pregnant at the time and my husband laughed when he asked what i wanted and i said "a nap".
instead we were out shopping for a suitable toddler bed and everything that went with it.
at that point i decided to bring in some of his favorite toys to help make the transition easier.
and now... the room has been mostly nautical for the past several months and i'm now bringing in 
what i'm calling some "adventure".  many of the new additions i found at my recent flea market trip
 a month ago and that was what inspired the change.
a huge vintage bear that models his favorite hat of the week.  pottery barn kids wallpaper map and dino art from dean's party.
 his headboard is a vintage canvas windbreak rolled up to a third of it's size and blue stripe sheets from target.
the plane was my middle school shop project that i painted white.
ikea mirror, target cloud decals, vintage horse, sailboats and (cole)train.
 company kids owl from grandma is along for the ride. 
and this wooden tree is by plan toys. it was a gift,
along with the "a tree is nice" book in the background.
 they were both for dean, but he's been coveting them.
i love to hang things, especially if you're low on display space like i am.  i also think everything takes on
a magical feeling when suspended. like these boats that appear to be sailing through the sky.
and there's the felt cloud from his nursery mobile.  a target lamp and vinyl trunk,
 green velvet pillow from pottery barn and owl from pier one.
a vintage green plaid blanket and inner tube hung from rope.

the porthole decals are from Wilson Graphics.  check them out on etsy!
they have an amazing selection of beautiful unique decals. 
i really wanted a couple ones like this one of the SS La Touraine...

but i knew cole would appreciate the colorful ones i got more, 
especially since it's a mom and baby whale and a dory fish on the bottom...
of course he's always asking me "where's nemo?"


  1. Amy-Everytime I come to your blog you've added something incredible! I love reading about your inspiration :)

  2. Thanks Julia! I'm so glad you enjoy it :)