Monday, October 1, 2012

Relaxed and Luxe

i've been really drawn to relaxed earthy pieces for the home (and in fashion lately) that have been somehow elevated to the next level to feel very luxurious.  i think the combination of all the vintage shopping i've been doing lately and the arrival of fall is causing it.  here's a little display to set the mood...

i am so drawn to this room via architectural digest.  the materials are somewhat simple on their own, but when
combined together they become so much more.  for example, i'm pretty sure that's denim on the sectional.
 i literally pulled a few yards of it out of the closet this weekend and thought to myself - why do i have this?
 and what am i going to do with it?  i'm suddenly inspired - maybe an ottoman or some floor pillows.
greige french crochet pillow from homemint and a gorgeous image via pinterest.
i'm noticing lace making a come back and it's looking surprisingly fresh and beautiful to me.

petrified wood magnets and scorched timber lamp from anthropologie

and i love everything single thing about this image... i could go on an on.

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