Sunday, October 14, 2012

Make Your Own Light

lighting is such a huge part of good design and i constantly see fixtures that i love and want to attempt to make myself.  i've made several over the years (a few that didn't work out) and some that have turned out even better than i envisioned.  i'm currently working on a new project, but before i post it, i thought i'd share three of my favorites from over the years that are currently lighting in home...

my enormous basket light - to give you an idea it's about 2 1/2 ft tall.  it was a fairly inexpensive basket cloche from arhaus.
as soon as i saw it i thought it would make an amazing light.  i simply wound a light bulb on a cord kit through it

and wrapped the remaining cord in rope.  it currently hangs in the corner of our living room behind a wingback chair.
it's the first light on in the morning and the last one on at night because it casts such a cozy glow and beautiful pattern.
a make your own lamp kit like this one - it may seem intimidating,
but if you can follow a diagram you can do it and the possibilities are endless!
i made this several years ago and at the time capiz shell pendants were very hard to find.
i specifically wanted a flush mount style to cover ours existing fixtures so i dismantled a capiz curtain like this one.
 i wouldn't suggest this if you don't have to.  you can now find pre-assembled ones like this fairly easily
and they only cost a little more than what i spent in material and without the time.
i made three of these total for our house and they too have a great glow about them
 and sometimes when we shut a door they make a quiet wind chime-like affect.

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