Tuesday, October 2, 2012

George + The Hats

i've been stumbling onto some amazing photographs recently and they've inspired me to do my own versions... this one of george harrison i decided to try first.  there is something so simple and classic about it that i love.  apparently it's from the last photo shoot the beatles ever did together.  i decided cole and his friend van would be the perfect subjects because they adore hats and his mom jenny has some great ones.  i've found kids cooperate a lot more when there's props involved too.  who knows, i may continue this whole little reenactment series.  even if that part doesn't turn out, we still get some great pictures of our kids and have fun with them in the process...

they were having fun being explorers, but i swear they were trying to play it cool, it was so cute.

on van - vintage fedora and blazer, h&m gray stripe henley, jeans and converse high tops
on cole - sweatshirt jacket from target, h&m white henley and gray jeans, and davidson slip-ons also from target 
i shot with my olympus pen while jenny captured some with my phone
they had so much fun with those hats!
i especially love this one jenny took of cole.

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