Monday, October 22, 2012

Framed Vintage Pieces

i recently came across an english flag in an antique store that caught my eye from across the room.  upon closer view it was fabric, tattered and so brittle it felt like paper and seemed like it had been through war and back. it was on a wooden stick like it had been waved in a parade, but no one there had any further information on it.  it was perfect for my husband who is a die-hard chelsea [english futbol] fan and i thought it would be great in the room where he watches it.  i framed it and gave it to him over the weekend and it turned out even better than i expected...
i love this new line of threshold wood frames at target.

and Hello room 125...
an art gallery out of new york with these amazingly beautiful large scale pieces.
they were featured on home by novogratz recently and i am in love.
these three pieces, part of their exquisite objects collection are captivating to me. (especially THE shuttlecock)
in real life the subjects all fit in the palm of your hand, it's amazing the new life they take on at this scale.

seeing these confirmed an idea i had - to photograph some of my small vintage accessories that are not safe around the boys,

so i can still appreciate them for the time being. these pieces inspired me to a whole new level!

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