Friday, October 19, 2012

Dress Up

my son loves to dress up, hats, boots, goggles, anything really.  so since it's the season, i thought it would be a good time to add to our collection.  here's some of the extra cute costumes and accessories i found, great for a rainy day around the house or an entertaining trip to the grocery...

land of nod - monaco motorsport kit, spec-tacular spectacles, incog-neato mustaches,
one knight only mask helmet and lance, jolly robert saber, beard and hat.
target - brave bow and arrow, harry potter quidditch outfit and woody cowboy hat.

i love these handmade masks and tails by BHB Kid Style

and more beautiful handmade pieces - turtle and bee cape by seven little rabbits and fancy wings by big birds boutique

astronaut and dino costume from pottery barn kids and this adorable handmade unicorn cape is by pip and bean

and speaking of dressing up, we went to a really great superhero party last week that my friend
kristen threw for her daughter harper.  it was such a great idea and all the kids had so much fun...

there were lots of great handmade decorations everywhere, including masks for the kids to decorate
 and a superhero obstacle course.  the guest of honor in her beautiful pink and gold cape made by her grandma.
a few of the superhero obstacles... cole especially loved #2
which was a mini trampoline with a small dollhouse next to it for the kids to jump over - so cute!
my first little superhero sporting "the before".  his favorite part was tying up evil dr. bear.
and the official "after" rocking some fantastic bed head.


  1. WOW! Such fun outfits and accessories for kid aaaand bears!

    Thank you very much for including my mask and tail sets!

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