Thursday, October 4, 2012

Color for Cole

here's a few art projects and pieces i've been admiring that are beautiful and oh-so-full of color.  i've been wanting to try them myself and it just occurred to me that they would be so much better done with my son...
this is not paint - it's crayons! 
i absolutely love this idea and have been coveting it for a couple years now. courtesy of the lovely Katie Brown. 
it's crayons melted down a canvas with a hairdryer - genius and the possibilities are endless.
  not to mention a great use for all those well-loved ones. 

we're often at home depot and cole loves the paint department.  he is very outgoing and does a good job 
chatting up everyone within the vicinity.  he can't help but play with the paint chips everywhere 
and i had an idea to print these images off and take them with us to find the coordinating colors.
 it would be a great color learning puzzle to have him match them up and glue them all together when we get home. 
it could be done a million ways and it's a perfect rainy day project that's free!
i love hue - from made by girl and digital wall art from land of nod
and speaking of color, i love this very colorful tectonic floor rug from land of nod.
they are one of my favorite places to shop for my kids and they have so many pieces
that are beautiful whether you have kids or not... case in point this rug.

and if you're looking for color inspiration, my friend courtney introduced me this
 gorgeous website called design seeds. check it out - you won't be disappointed!

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