Thursday, October 18, 2012

Closet Craving

i've been slowly organizing what feels like every room (and especially closet) in our house the past couple weeks.  i've also been working on some design ideas for a client's closet, so i thought i would share some beautiful closet inspiration...

i love this glass cabinet idea!  i've walked past many at flea markets and antique stores and thought they were gorgeous,
 but wondered - what i would i ever fill them with?  i would have never thought to add a rod and make it a closet - genius.
 and the best part is you can move it around and i'd rather spend money on one i can take with me.
 i would love to credit the person behind these, but i was unable to find any information.
ellen's closet via architectural digest, love the juxta position of all the shoes. 
and i am in love with those two trunks and that leather ball.  i am such a sucker for vintage sports equipment.
nate berkus's chicago closet and the right via elle decor
interior designer celerie kemble's closet and a page from restoration hardware's source book.
 both are very elegant, but in totally different ways.
and this is my favorite of all - turn an entire room into a giant closet!
 this may seem ridiculous and excessive, but it's actually very functional. i did this years ago when we rented a huge three story house downtown that had more space than (the two of us at the time) knew what to do with.  it was a great way to get ready in the morning without worrying about waking up my husband while tiptoeing and rummaging around in the dark to find an outfit.  it made my mornings much less stressful too because it allowed me to be super organized.  organization can cure a lot of stress and often lack of space is what makes us unorganized.  if you have a room that only functions as a guest bedroom and have a small closet, then i would highly consider trying this.  all you need is a couple rolling racks or shelves, a large floor length mirror and a chair or ottoman floating in the middle.  the way i figure, you get dressed everyday, but do you have guests everyday?  i would just bring in an air mattress when i did... and i would gladly stay in this "closet" as a guest!
it's been six years since i moved from that house to my current one and prior to that i used to move all the time
(almost every year in fact).  i've had all different shapes and sizes of closets and the two things
that have had the biggest impact on the function and beauty of them was to...

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