Monday, September 3, 2012

Water Works

with the summer soon coming to an end, i'm craving one last hurrah at the beach.  i'm dreaming of days of sleeping in, laying in a lounge chair, and listening to waves crash with a drink in my hand.  unfortunately geography is not on my side though and a one and three year old don't exactly make the best traveling companions.  and let's be honest, once i made it there it would be sleepless nights and up earlier than normal, chasing babies and lots of crying while i scoop sand from their mouths. ha ha ha. so for now i'm going to enjoy this watery inspiration...

august lights by alicia bock.  i have four of her prints and i may have to add this one to my collection.
see more of her wonderful photography here.

forever summer by racey tay

summer please return by eye poetry

photography by LA based catherine ledner.
 i love the canvas art in this picture now i just need to find a wall big enough to do this on.

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